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job interviewer: so…tell me a little about yourself :)
me: sure. i’m a virgo, INTJ, i love tank tops oh my god did you see the Anaconda video? that changed my life!
interviewer: bitch me too! the fuck. you got the job




Man’s worst enemy

The Silent Battle


can’t believe Ralph didn’t know how we sharpened our tampons smh

can’t believe Ralph didn’t know how we sharpened our tampons smh

I'm 5'11, 300 lbs and wear leggings out and about. I'm not some lil yoga bunny on my way to bikram. But I own it because I know I'm beyond comfortable in them and if people are upset about it they can go fuck themselves. Why am I about to wear jeans in 90 degree heat? To make other people comfortable? Nah, man. You're a strong, beautiful, flawless human bean inside & out. You wear those goddamn leggings if you want because you're fab and DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! TREAT YO SELF, MONICA!!!!!

what a great message thank you!!


My first vine. classic vine scenario i got her good

shout out to all the people who wear leggings out in public. I wish I was as strong as you

did we ever figure out what a ‘hollaback girl’ was?


More girls should join boys’ teams so it could be a tradition and it wouldn’t be so special.” - 13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis, the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in its 68-year history, the FIRST girl to throw a Little League World Series SHUTOUT. Her fastball? 70 MILES PER HOUR. #throwlikeagirl #BlackGirlsROCK

me: wears pajamas
me: showers
me: changes into clean pajamas

contemporary art 


contemporary art